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Our Mandate

Our mandate is about creating an inclusive representation and leadership for generational wealth creation and transfer for our constituency.

Securing & Restoring Our Constituency

Aggregating the cumulative neglect of our infrastructures and social amenities has shown we need to act quickly to find a way to save the situation before complete collapse.

When asked what is the reason for this hope that we have, upon reflection, this is my answer, I believe the people have now seen and felt the impact of poor representation, they now know that the choice they made decides how their monies are spent, and how their monies are spent affects the quality of life that they live and the quality of teachers that teach their children to prepare them for the future.

Elective position is about harnessing the collective brilliance of our people, though inclusive leadership, we aim to gain insight from the traditional rulers, to enhance care for the elderly, secure jobs for the teaming youths, and ensure suitable care for the birth and nurturing of the coming generation.

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The electric bulb didn’t come from continuous improvement of the candle, a time comes in our history that we need to take a different approach against the popular trend of the day. Hope 2023 presents a chance to make fresh effort with new and innovative methods. Join us on our mandate to create an inclusive representation and leadership for generational wealth creation and transfer. Get involved today.

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Some of the groups and organizations that support and believe in our vision for securing & restoring our constituency

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We will consult and explore all avenues to use legislative process to balance powers at community level. This is aimed at ensuring that traditional institutions play more active statutory roles in bringing development to their communities. This is against the current trend were traditional institutions are at the receiving end of a top down governance process.

Why Us?
In our various communities across Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency, our coordinators are combing the communities to map the trends in each community. We have a first-hand understanding of the needs and we have spent the last 20 years preparing. Hope 2023 projects our core belief system, that we shall yet rise again, as people, as a community, and as a nation. We have the energy to work and deliver on our collective hope for our communities.
Future Goals

  • Delivery inclusive leadership
  • Install a system of shared accountability
  • Sponsor Bills to promote and unlock economic potentials for job creation and wealth creation
  • Sponsor bill for legislative localism impact- a bill to ensure the connection between constituency and representative in clear and enhanced
  • Develop agricultural hubs where product value chains are enhanced.
  • Install a system for tracking performance
  • Monthly Member of Parliament (MP) Surgery at all Ward levels

Past Achievements
Working with our community to support the living standards through different interventions for water supply. security, and education.
Vote for Us
We have no business running for office besides the need to work for what interests you. By voting for us, you will have a person you can rely on to speak for you and fight for you.