Our Mandate

Our mandate is about creating an inclusive representation and leadership for generational wealth creation and transfer for our constituency.

Securing & Restoring Our Constituency

Aggregating the cumulative neglect of our infrastructures and social amenities has shown we need to act quickly to find a way to save the situation before complete collapse.

When asked what is the reason for his hope that we have, upon reflection, this is my answer, I believe the people have now seen and felt the impact of poor representation, they may know that the choice they made decided how their monies will be spent, and how their money is spent affects the quality of teaches that teach their children to prepare them for the future. Implicatively, they find that their children are half baked and poorly prepared for the competitive world. I hope that people now know that the hospitals will be poorly equipped and they can be misdiagnosed or poorly managed, leading to fatality of loved ones. Elective position is about harnessing the collective brilliance of our people, though inclusive leadership, we aim to gain insight from the traditional rulers, to enhance care for the elderly, secure jobs for the teaming youths, and ensure suitable care for the birth and nurturing of the coming generation.

We look at our children with the sense of hope that they will be better educated and opportune to have a better life, that hope can only see the light of day if we create the enabling environment for them. A major step in the direction of securing a better future for our children, ourselves, and elderly, begins with our choice at the polls. Decide to ensure that the people who represents your interest are interested in issues that interest you. This is our sole consideration for venturing into public representation. Everything else hinges on this fact.

Our Mission


Inclusive Leadership

We aim to harness the collective energy and brilliance of the people for growth and development across the constituency. Nobody will be left out, consultations will be a constant agenda, and we will adopt agile methods to ensure we are constantly in updating community dynamism and keep in touch with the realities of the people we represent.

Educational reposition for functional development of the Constituency

Education is a lifelong affair, we will apply 3Rs to guide the process of improving the educational fortunes of our constituency.

a. Reorientation: It has become essential to that a mentality towards education is revisited, especially amongst the youth in Okunland. We hope to inspire a new generation of achievers in our boys and girls.

b. Repair or Renovation: many of physical structure that play host to students are either inadequate or poorly equipped. We have designed a strategy to ensure the cost of this repaired is shared between government at all levels and with the help of international donors. We will build and equip a national library facility located at the heart of the Okun nation, it will house a historical centre, a longue for elderly interaction, and arcades for seminar, conferencing and group work.

c. Repositioning: with the metal reorientation and renovation of facilities, repositioning will take the form of staffing, baselining performance, and ensuring some of the best results nationally, are from our constituency. Nursery schools across our region will be carefully repositioned to support our catch them young programme; a strategic intervention to raise a generation of coders and innovative minds.

Social and economic development for Improved livelihood and generational wealth creation

We hope to pull many out of poverty through economic legislation that will took roots in the community to help create pathways for generational wealth creation. We will sponsor bills to enhance the current situation of our senior citizens in the land, especially in relation to their welfare and care, payment of pensions as at when due, and recreation in old age. The economic rebranding of the constituency will aim to open up new grounds for industrialization and value creation in agricultural value-chain.